Why Resistant Starch Is Healthy For You?

Have you ever heard of a term resistant starch?

Well, it’s a kind of healthy starch which acts like a fiber and is healthy for body.

It keeps weight gain at bay so even normal starch is now being converted into resistant starch for consumption in a healthy way.

Resistant starch is naturally present in lentils, green banana, corn, oats, barley, kidney beans.

As per the studies and the scientists, it has been proved that resistant starch helps in weight loss.

Green peel of banana contains resistant starch which helps in burning of fat and it also keeps brain fit if consumed daily.

Studies reveal importance of Resistant Starch

Several research and studies have shown that resistant starch helps in weight loss, burn more calories, make you more energized and stress free. Starch is largely found in food rich in carbohydrates.

Studies have proved that resistant starch resists digestion. This starch produces fatty acids which help in weight loss by melting fat.

Resistant starch is good for body as you can’t consume much of it.

In daily routine include these things to get rid of that extra weight and for a starch-free diet – banana, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, barley, brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

Apart from consuming the resistant starch available directly, it can also be formed by using a process called retrogradation. This is a simple trick you can change the high starch rich food into resistant starch.

Just cook the food and let it cool completely before you take a bite. As it cools down it will automatically be rich as resistant starch and then it’s safe to consume.

Also, instead of using microwave for cooking in an instant way, cook it well on the gas.

As recommended by the author of ‘The Skinny Carbs Diet’, David Feder says that one should consume at least 10 grams resistant starch per day. You can get it by half cup boiled chickpeas or by consuming 1 cup cooled and boiled pasta.

Resistant starch which comes naturally is by green peel banana.

Consume brown rice instead of white one. But if you do consume white, but before consuming white rice, boil it well and cool it at the room temperature.

Consume it after it cools down so that you can have it in form of resistant starch.


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