Diets for Weight Loss

How Bob Greene’s Diet Supports Weight Loss

Today, people are showing more concern about physical fitness and good health. For this they are searching for proper and well maintained diet plans. Oprah and Bob Greene are the best fitness gurus. The diet originated by Bob Greene for the overall maintenance of body is popularly known as Bob Greene’s “best life” diet. Bob Greene’s diet generally consists of 3 phases : 1 phase: exercises and eating pattern 2 […]

Does Sonoma Diet Help In Weight Loss?

Awed by the healthy lifestyle of the people of Sonoma Valley, Dr. Connie Gutterson introduced the idea of Sonoma diet which is inspired a little from both Mediterranean and South beach diets. This diet is all about making healthy food choices in terms of both quality as well as quantity. According to Connie Gutterson, “A healthy and successful diet is not just about lowering your weight-It’s about achieving emotional balance […]