5 Ways Safflower Oil Helps in Weight Loss (Science Backed)

5 Ways Safflower Oil Helps in Weight Loss (Science Backed)

We are living in a world where half of the population is dying in the scarcity of food whereas other half is dying in abundance of food. Overweight or obesity is a major problem than malnutrition as it is a risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and many more. Weight gain is generally accompanied by the accrual of abdominal fats that surrounds the vital organs and drives the vicious cycle […]

4 Amazing Benefits of LISS Workout for Weight Loss & Fitness

Weight Loss Benefits of LISS

As the name suggests, LISS – Low-Intensity Steady State is the form of workout which involves maintaining the same pace of exercise for a set period. Unlike high-intensity interval training, low-intensity steady state workout doesn’t involve rigorous training schedule for a short span of time. Rather it involves slow and continuous exertion of the body for a long duration of time. Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. all at relaxed levels […]

6 Amazing Benefits of NEAT for Weight Loss & How to Do It

6 Amazing Benefits of NEAT for Weight Loss Top Ways to Do It

Non-exercise Thermogenic Activity or NEAT involves activities of the daily routine which results in energy consumption and weight loss. These tasks can be performed on a regular basis and can be used for obesity control. Body weight is affected by a number of factors including diet, physical activity, stress, and genetics. Sedentary lifestyle and changing dietary patterns have an adverse effect on weight and thus are the main culprits for […]