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Interval Training for Weight Loss: Benefits & 4 Ways to Start Today!

Interval Training for Weight Loss Benefits how to start it

Being fit and healthy has become an integral part of human life. Exercise plays a crucial role in staying fit along with having a proper diet. We often wish to lose weight within a short span and thus look out for such exercises. A workout called interval training has been found to beneficial for this. Interval Training comprises alternating periods of high-intensity workouts and low-intensity workouts, also called a recovery. […]

12 Natural Proven Remedies For Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

12 Natural Remedies For DOMS

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, also known as DOMS is a muscular condition in which there are symptoms of pain and inflammation in the muscles after doing rigorous or sudden exercises. Contrary to normal soreness of muscles, which happens during or just after exercising, DOMS occurs after a few days of exercise. It is quite common in athletes. DOMS happens due to muscular damage caused by simultaneous contraction and lengthening of […]

10 Best Yoga Poses to Lose Belly Fat

10 Best Yoga Poses to Lose Belly Fat

It might surprise a lot of people that even a person with flat abs may have some belly fat. Some amount of belly fat is essential for proper cushioning of organs, but too much of it may invite a number of health related problems. The fat accumulates either right under the skin or deep inside. It is this deep or ‘visceral’ fat that may be the bigger problem. Too much […]