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Does Plexus Slim Really Help Lose Weight? – Detailed Review

plexus slim for weight loss

Trying to see a figure lesser than you saw a day before when you stood on the weighing scale is one of those moments when you are the proudest and happiest. But, getting there is a bumpy ride. One day the figure is less, the next day, it increases! And you are rendered depressed and frustrated. What went wrong? Did all your efforts go waste? Losing weight is a battle. […]

Meratrim: A Promising Weight Loss Supplement

The thirst for having the perfect body and to look aesthetically appealing never seems to die. Diets, workouts, medications, creams, supplements all find their use in pursuing this goal. To pace up the weight loss efforts, companies come up with different supplements every day and today we are going to have a scientific review on one of them- MeraTrim. What is Meratrim? Meratrim is a herbal weight loss formulation prepared […]

Lipozene And Weight Loss: An Evidence Based Investigation

If only we could escape exercise and dieting and still remain slim. Experts say that there is no such ‘miracle’ weight loss pill but we can’t underestimate the capacity of science. So there still lies a hope for this wonder drug and this hope is very well exploited by the weight loss industry. Lipozene is one such diet pill which became popular overnight. The TV commercial for this drug had […]