A Study Suggests Vegan Diet Helps In Losing Weight Effectively

Vegan Diet Helps In Losing Weight Effectively top
There is a good news for vegans and for those who are trying to lose weight by going vegan way. As per a new study, those who are on vegan diet loses an average of two kilos more than those who are already following a weight loss program diet.

The study was taken up by the American Diabetes Association and the US National Cholesterol Education Program.

Study was done on the vegans and those who consumed meat and other animal products. Vegetarian people consumed vegetables and other dairy products lost an average of 1.5 kg more than those who consumed meat and its counterparts.

As per a researcher who was a part of the study, whole grains, fruits and fresh vegetables proved to be a driving force behind the weight loss. Whole grains provide good fiber to the body which leads to slow and smooth digestion and this fiber consumption leads to weight loss.

Study Conducted For People On Vegan Diet

Ru-Yi Huang of E-Da Hospital in Taiwan reviewed the outcome of 12 diet trials which included 1151 dieters over a period of nine to 74 weeks. He suggested a vegetarian diet plan to group A and group B had meat-eaters. At the end of the study, Huang was surprised to see the results.

Vegan participants of group A lost more weight than the meat-eating dieters of group B.

According to Huang, veggies and whole grains have low glycemic index value so it prevents the blood sugar level to rise. Fruits also have natural juices, sugar and fiber which keeps blood sugar in control. So consuming natural fiber helps with the weight loss.

As per Huang, vegetarian diets are more effective than non-veg diets for weight loss.

He also added that long-term intervention trials are required to investigate the real effect of vegan diet on weight loss and healthy human body.

Healthy fibres in whole grains take more time to digest than any normal food. This, in turn delays the time that body normally takes to digest and empty of its food and this is the reason that people then consume less food.

A study in BMJ Open of 39 overweight people found that ‘Atkins Diet’ which is a low carbohydrate vegan diet led to 6.9 kg weight loss of the dieters over six months thereby lowering their cholesterol levels as well.

As per the British Dietetic Association vegan diet is suitable for every stage of life provided that they are well planned.

Out of many ways of losing weight, going vegan is the most easy one and healthy too. Going vegan way is a lifestyle choice rather than going for a diet plan.

So next time think twice and opt for a vegan food rather than munching those handy and oily french fries. 🙂

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