Can Higher Engagement in Online Weight Management Lead To Greater Weight Loss?

Internet and Mobile are essential parts of our lives today. Mobile app have taken our world by storm. From ordering a cab to laundry service, one can do almost anything. Another major trend is social networking.

What this has to do with weight loss? It does. I am discussing this as I came through an interesting research paper which analyzed whether people who are more involved with the community in their online weight loss programs fare better than the ones which are not.

This essentially means people who share pics, comments, issues and provide feedback etc. within the weight loss community.

The researchers studied a large online weight management program with more than 20,000 members. The number is large enough for the study to be relevant and maybe accurate.

The results were very interesting. They found that people who were more embedded (or involved) with the community had two interesting aspects:

  • They tend to stay with the program for a longer period of time. For example, people with no interaction and friends within the community left earlier and in more % than the ones who had atleast one friend.
  • The more involved people were – more they lost weight. The study calculated that the % of weight lost after six months of highly involved members was twice as compared to the non-networked members.

The researchers then went further to say, this can be prove to be scalable way to curb the obesity epidemic we are facing.

Why this is important

Many of us join online weight loss programs and this insight can help us really get the best out of them. So next time you decide to join an online (or even an offline) program, network well. It will help!

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