Lunch on Breakfast Cereals for that Coveted Slim Waist – Study Says

Ready to eat cereals are a quick fix option for a healthy, wholesome breakfast.

Cereals are made from processed grains and generally consumed with milk or yogurt and fruits or even dry fruits to take the health quotient to a whole new level.

And life just gets a whole lot better when we tell you this: ‘Ready to eat cereals can be used to replace meals and this can help you lose weight’.

A study conducted in Purdue University, Indiana, USA investigated whether replacing regular meals with cereals can help lose weight and the results were positive.

What happened in the study?

A 6 week study was organized wherein participants were split into four groups based on dietary interventions and body mass index (quantity used to classify a person as normal, underweight or overweight).

  • Group 1: They were asked to consume cereals from a single brand with skim milk and fruits for breakfast and for dinner or lunch for 2 weeks. Non cereal meals could comprise of anything. For the next four weeks they were asked to follow a volumetric diet (high in volume low on calories. Eg: fruits & vegetables)
  • Group 2: They followed the same protocol as group 1 but were allowed to eat cereals from different brands.
  • Group 3: No restrictions were imposed on their diet.
  • Group 4: They received no dietary instructions till the last 4 weeks where they were asked to follow a volumetric diet.

What was the outcome?

Consuming cereals for first two weeks brought down energy intake levels in Group 1 and 2.

This led to weight loss which was significantly higher than that seen in Group 3 which served as a control.

Weight loss was seen primarily as loss of fat mass.

Weight loss in Group 1 and 2 continued with volumetric diet and this change in weight was comparable to that observed in Group 4 and significantly higher than Group 3.

No difference was observed by change of brands of cereals.

What does this mean?

According to the study, results suggest that replacing regular meals with controlled portions of cereals can definitely help in weight loss.

This regimen followed by a transition to volumetric diet can help control hunger and may help in continued weight loss.

Munching on cereals can be a healthier way to attain your weight loss goal.

But it is indeed a task to choose the best cereal.

Here is a tip from our side: next time when you pick a cereal box check its back cover for nutrition facts and be sure that it provides high fibre (more than 5 g fibre/serving) and is low on sugar.

Also you can go for natural cereals such as muesli, oatmeal, rice crispies and wheat flakes.

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