Obesity Can Shave Upto 8 Years from Life – Study Says

The term ‘obese’ in general refers to a person who is having excess fat.

Explaining simply, obesity occurs from an imbalance between calorie intake and calorie burnt.

If your calorie intake is high and you are not working towards cutting down the amount of calorie your body requires then you are tend to be obese.

Obesity and Shortening of Lifespan

As per the studies, obesity is hitting hard the younger generation due to their unhealthy lifestyle.

It has been proved that obesity can take away eight years of life and causes ill health. It damages the body and life expectancy as well.

If a person is obese then it becomes very hard to get back to normal shape inspite of best efforts.

As per a study, in comparison with 20-40 yrs of people with healthy weight, obese men lost around 8.4 yrs of life and women lost 6.1 years.

Study done in the group with those in 40s and 50s, women lost 5.3 years approximately and men lost 3.7 years. While those in sixties and seventies reported ill health and lost one year of life due to obesity.

It is also shown that obesity is related to the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease which automatically leads to reduced life expectancy in human beings. The more the weight the more health risks will be associated with the body. As the age increases, obesity will lead to higher health risks.

As per Tam Fry, a researcher at the National Obesity Forum, people think that if they are fat then they can’t do much about it and they don’t work on it to get on to a healthy way. As a result, they ignore things and this leads to obesity.

It is necessary to make people aware of the dangerous consequences of obesity so that they can work upon their body and maintain their body mass index. They will sure think before eating unhealthy and piling on oodles of weight.

To get more out of life, live a healthy and balanced one. It is advisable to maintain a healthy weight and stay away from those foods which increase your weight in unhealthy manner.


Obesity can be avoided by maintaining a good diet rich in fibers, lentils, salad, fruits. So to increase your years of living, just stay away from piling on unhealthy weight and live a healthy life.

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