Study Finds Rosehip Extract Reduces Abdominal Fat

The side effects, low outcomes and enormous expenses involved in standard treatment are paving way for development of natural resources to lose weight.

Rosehip is a fruit of a certain species of the rose plant.

Rosehip fruit is processed into jams and juice, used as Vitamin C supplement and included in cosmetics. Its antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities make it a therapeutic option for a number of diseases.

Rosehip extract is known to accelerate fat metabolism. Tiliroside, a component found in the seeds, is said to bring about this effect.

Therefore a research study was conducted in Japan to study its effect on abdominal fat and body weight. Read full study here>

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What happened in the study?

In the 12 week clinical trial, the subjects were assigned to two groups: one received a placebo while the other received a tablet containing 100mg of rosehip extract every day.

Abdominal body fat, total body fat percent, body weight and BMI were recorded to ascertain outcomes.

What was the outcome?

At the end of 12 weeks, body weight and BMI decreased significantly in the rosehip group in comparison to the parameters recorded in first week.

A modest decrease in total body fat was observed in the rosehip group at the end of 12 weeks.

Significant decrease in abdominal fat was observed when compared to initial records and in comparison to placebo group.

How did this occur?

Rosehip extract prevents accumulation of lipids in fat cells.

Tiliroside found in rose hip extract aids in oxidation of fatty acids. Autonomous nervous system is said to play a role in energy metabolism.

Rosehip extract stimulates ANS and tends to increase fat utilization as a form of energy during exercise and rest.

Also rosehip extract is known to prevent weight gain and reduce amount of visceral fat. This supplement also prevents and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases like diabetes.

What does this mean?

According to the study, rosehip extract containing 0.12% tiliroside can help reduce abdominal fat and body weight without having to follow any dietary restriction.

Rosehip supplement proves to be a promising anti-obesity agent. Toxicity tests have already established the safety of rosehip extract.

No serious side effects of rosehip extract have been reported.

Yet caution should be practised in case, you are consuming other medications that could interact with it. So you can relish the rosehip fruit and lose weight at the same time.

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