Study Says – Dairy Calcium can assist in Weight Loss

To shed the kilos we need to first get rid of a lot of food items from our kitchen.

And probably the first ones to leave are dairy products.

We have to say goodbye to the extra cheese toppings and that extra blob of butter on the popcorns.

Milk isn’t really a favourite food so most people are happy to avoid it and weight loss becomes a good excuse.

Interestingly, research says the opposite.

Scientists say that dietary calcium and Vitamin D in dairy products can help in weight loss.

And before you jump with joy and order a pizza overloaded with cheese, we would like to warn you that there must be a clause attached to this.

A randomized trial was conducted to investigate the effect of calcium on weight loss. (full text here>)

What happened in the study?

32 obese adults were recruited in the study and were asked to follow a calorie restricted diet for 6 months. Then they were randomly assigned to the following groups which received either:

  •  Standard diet: 400 to 500 mg of dietary calcium/d
  •  High-calcium diet: standard diet supplemented with 800 mg of calcium/d
  •  High-dairy diet: 1200 to 1300 mg of dietary calcium/d

What was the outcome?

Loss of body weight was the highest in the group receiving high dairy diet, followed by high calcium diet and lastly in standard diet.

Loss of fat from the trunk region also followed the same trend. Total fat loss was increased by high calcium and high dairy diet.

How did this occur?

Dairy or dietary calcium regulates appetite and influences genes involved in metabolism.

It enhances excretion of fat from the body. When subjected to caloric restriction dietary calcium suppresses fat formation, increases breakdown of fats and even prevents deposition of fat in fat cells.

Proteins present in dairy products such as whey and casein increase satiety by influencing hormones that regulate appetite and in turn reduce energy intake.

What does this mean?

According to the study increasing dietary calcium can bring about weight loss and loss of fat from trunk region only if a calorie restricted diet is followed.

Dairy products can exert a greater effect on weight loss.

So, yes, dairy products do help in losing weight but only in combination with a diet low on calories. One can always opt for low fat dairy products so as to cut down on fat but receive adequate amounts of calcium.

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