Weight Loss Concepts

Alert: 8 Prescription Drugs That Silently Cause Weight Gain

Obesity or overweight is a potential healthcare problem affecting 39% of adults all over the globe. it is characterized by excessive accumulation of fat in our body specially in the abdomen, waist and hip area. This leads to further disease risks like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular disease, increases blood glucose and cholesterol level. A definitive way of achieving weight loss is proper exercise regime and well-planned diet. Mere weight […]

How Many Calories Are Ideal For Weight Loss?

There are numerous weight loss suggestions available but we still struggle to find the one that actually works for each one of us. Among the available options the ones we go for are either diets or weight loss supplements and the reason behind this is the tiny but strong hope we have that these are the quickest ways to lose weight. So coming to diets, most of us select a […]

Brown Fat And Weight Loss: The Scientific Truth

Research focussed on treating obesity is growing rapidly. Day after day scientists invest a lot of their resources in solving this public health concern because obesity does not stop at weight gain. It leads to prevalence of a number of other diseases like metabolic syndrome and diabetes. So obesity is beyond just body image. So here is one of the different concepts that these guys are actively researching upon – […]