Weight Loss Myths

BUSTED: Lifting Heavy Isn’t Good For Weight Loss

Strength training is a form of exercise. This type of workout involves the build-up of muscle tissues makes us strong and fit. It improves the metabolism and has many other health benefits. It is safe for every one and can be done by people of all ages. Resistance training, also known as weight training, basically includes the lifting of various types of weights. It helps in building up the muscles […]

BUSTED: Skipping Meals Can Help Lose Weight Quickly

skipping meals can help in quick weight loss

Skipping meals is very common among people. There may be various kinds of reason as to why they do this. The lifestyle people adopt to survive in this competitive world does not allow them to keep up with the healthy habits. In this fast paced life, it becomes hard to follow a good diet. People who work for long hours usually tend to skip their meals due to the lack […]

BUSTED: Cutting Down All Snacks Can Help You Lose Weight

cutting down snacks helps in weight loss

A snack is any food which is eaten between the meals. Snacks may be processed in factories or they may be home made. The processed snacks are usually considered unhealthy because of the high amounts of sugar, salt, fat and preservatives present in them. These are added to improve the taste and make the food long lasting. Contrary to the common belief, all snacks are not bad for health. Snacks […]