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5 Benefits of Berberine for Weight Loss [Science Backed]

Benefits of Berberine for Weight Loss

Overweight and obesity have increased chronic disease morbidity and mortality rates worldwide. Since the early 2000’s, these disorders have affected around 1.5 billion adults across the globe. By 2013, the numbers of affected people have grown to a shocking 2 billion despite multifaceted worldwide approaches to limit their growth. A physically inactive lifestyle accompanied by the indiscriminate consumption of high-fat foods are the main reasons behind excess body fat. Therefore, […]

The Science Behind Carb Blockers & Weight Loss

Weight loss pills come with claims like ‘Eat all you want and still be slim’. It seems like a dream come true but you know it is just a hoax. But then you come to know the science behind it and you are pretty convinced that it should work. One such really popular weight loss supplement was Orlistat (Read Orlistat for weight loss) which worked on the principle of fat […]

7 Benefits Of L-Arginine In Weight Loss

7 benefits of l-arginine in weight loss

Since decades anyone who has a so called ‘weight problem’ has been imploring to God and all researchers to devise a magic pill that keeps us slim irrespective of what we eat. And scientists have tried to answer this prayer by devising many pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals but there is a not one pill that can be thought to be a miracle. There are a lot of supplements in the market […]