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Fasting Every Alternate Day Helps Lose Weight Fast

Fasting, a regimen that was earlier mistaken for starvation, has been recently gaining popularity in the field of weight management. However this type of fasting does not involve long periods of abstinence from food. It is different pattern of eating called intermittent fasting. One of the most popular forms of intermittent fasting is alternate day fasting. Fasting every alternate day seems like a task but this study proves to you […]

Leafy Green extract reduces food cravings

Very few individuals like to eat raw vegetables or perhaps just vegetables in general. And if you are one of them you are blessed. However if you are like the regular crowd, you generally cringe at the sight of vegetables especially the leafy greens. And then when someone tells you that these leafy greens are good for weight loss you just simply give up the plan of losing weight. Leafy […]

Brown seaweed extract helps in managing obesity

Science always keeps searching for new natural compounds that would help in treating diseases and this is definitely the case for obesity. New natural foods with anti-obesity property are identified in leaps and bounds. However not each one of these are potent, so their active compounds are isolated to prepare dietary supplements. One such supplement is brown seaweed extract and this study suggests that brown seaweed can promote weight loss. […]