Weight Loss Concepts

20 Science Backed Weight Loss Tips (That Actually Work!)

Science backed weight loss tips

When you announce to the world that you are trying to lose weight, no shield can protect you from the numerous weight loss tips. From drinking a herbal tea to pumping iron to various diets and eating patterns to yoga, there are many weight loss tips. But only a few of them work, rest are weight loss myths. It’s much easier to believe these tips when science proves them. Here […]

In Weight Loss-Slow And Steady Wins The Race

slow and gradual weight loss is healthy

Many people feel that they need to lose weight in order to become slim and ‘look good’. This is the wrong approach because having a particular body shape and size should not matter as long as the person is healthy. Weight loss should be considered as a change in the lifestyle of a person over a long period of time rather than something which can be achieved as and when […]

Does Weight Loss Improve Fertility?

weight loss improve fertility

The most beautiful gift that nature has provided to us is the gift of making a new living being, a new living body out of the body we have. It indeed is a very precious thing and it is a very well-known fact that all pregnancies are not successful. Many-a-times, parents have a very hard time conceiving. There are many conditions nowadays that lead to difficulty in conceiving. There can […]